Aluminum and Marine products

Beach trailer

Beach trailer is developed as a light weight aluminum construction. Comes in a handy sack and can quickly be assembled.

Carries 150 kg and small boat up to 4,5 meters (13 feet).

Boat table stand

A swivel boat tables stands for boats and caravans (or mobile homes). A stable and steady construction.

Other aluminum products

Other aluminum products to be supplied are:
Scroll boxes (roll-ups), fences and gates, scaffolds, etc.

Marine products

J-COM is targeting this market specially. Most of the holders have a demand in the marine sector too. So does the boat stands and trailers of course.

Other products will undergo development if we have a valid request from a customer demand.

Trading products could be supplied as well.


New website launched

We proudly present our new website. Here you can find information about J-COM, our products and services.