About J-COM


J-COM AB is a Swedish Limited company. J-COM was Registered already 20 years ago, during the last ten years the company has been operating in the mobile phone accessory business.

From the year 2008 and onwards more focus has been directed to growth and business development. This thanks to that the owner Anders Janson has been working full time with J-COM.

Business idea

Develop products from idea to finished product. Support customers with "custom designed" solutions. But also add ready-made products, by sourcing. Present a competitive price for the developed (or traded) product.


The present staff in Sweden is Anders Janson. Anders is an entrepreneur educated with degree in Business Administration at the University of Linköping (LIU).

J-COM is operating as a network. An office in China located in ShenZhen with two people working as support for sourcing and production.

J-COM is using technical know-how in different Swedish companies. These are independent companies used for product development and constructions. CAD drawings are used for tooling making.

A part owned company, is supporting customer which prefers to purchase direct ex works China or FOB China port, has been organized. This is AMH Co., Ltd (Hong Kong).


New website launched

We proudly present our new website. Here you can find information about J-COM, our products and services.